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Power Generation & Electrical:

Complete turnkey solutions for your power generation project:

Oilfield Mechanical Services offers a comprehensive range of Power Generators, including accompanying equipment and services required for an end to end power delivery solution. This includes portable Generators, standby Generators and prime power Generators, ranging from 1kVA to 2.2MVA per unit.

New Zealand is ideally placed to supply Australasia, South East Asia and the Pacific, our solutions have proven to be highly competitive within the power generation market regardless of whether it's a domestic, infrastructure, industrial, healthcare, retail or mining type applications.

As part of a total Power Generation solution, Oilfield Mechanical Services can provide the following:

  • Onshore or Offshore.
  • Scoping and reporting services.
  • Certified Electrical, Civil and Mechanical design.
  • Stand alone or multiple synchronous multi Mega Watt unit installations.
  • Stand by or Prime power installations.
  • Generator Controllers.
  • Tropicalized Windings and Winding Heaters.
  • Fuel Filtration and pre Filtration systems.
  • Synchronisation Boards, main Switchboards and sub Distribution Boards.
  • Cabling, Switchgear, Enclosures, Ducting and accessories.
  • Pre audited and Container packed electrical inventory and tooling for remote site installations.
  • Remote Management equipment.
  • Bulk fuel storage and fuel transfer Systems.
  • Exhaust Systems.
  • Marine Epoxy Canopy coatings.
  • Sound Attenuation equipment.
  • Custom ISO Containerized solutions.
  • Integrated Fire suppression solutions.
  • Rig compliant Generators with pneumatic Rig Savers, Air Starters, remote ESD shutdown Interfaces, double skinned assembly, braided Fuel Lines, offshore certified lifting arrangements and Spark Arrestors.
  • Changeover and automatic Changeover Switches.
  • Service, Maintenance and repair.
  • Oil and Coolant analysis and trending.
  • Fully on behalf of customer, Managed Power Station solutions.
  • Electrically, mechanically and safety Certified staff for any site. Be it Drill Rig, BHP, Rio Tinto etc.
  • Custom design and build for specialist and hazardous environments.
  • Temporary Generators & Generator rental.
  • Any application, any worldwide location.

  Oilfield Mechanical Building Standby Unit  Oilfield Mechanical Building Standby Unit Controls  Oilfield Mechanical Gas Landfill Project  Oilfield Mechanical Hospital Generator Interface  Oilfield Mechanical Large Format Generator under Construction
  Oilfield Mechanical Mine Pump Station Generator  Oilfield Mechanical Mobile Generator  Oilfield Mechanical Small Format Generator  Oilfield Mechanical Syncronous Power Station  Oilfield Mechanical Generator Purifier

Oilfield Mechanical's Consulting Engineers are available for a free consultation to rapidly provide a high level solution, design, cost estimate and to assist with business case qualification.

We understand how the Power Continuity business case relates to the various market segments. We can help qualify and document your business case for a standby or prime power Generator solution at conception, and our project managers will then take responsibility for the project delivery right up to completion, commissioning and handover to operations.

Our standby and prime power generation solutions are supplied and supported in Countries throughout Australasia and the Pacific, including Australia, Fiji, Indonesia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Rarotonga, Tonga, the UAE and Vanuatu.

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