We are presently looking for qualified Caterpillar trained Senior Technicians and Technical Managers for a project in China.

Key Suppliers

International Maintenance Services 

Pagini Group

Diesel Generators New Zealand

International SOS


eXigency Consulting


StrongArm Logistics

 Genesis Engineering


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Oilfield Mechanical Services:

Mobile and Earthmoving Plant Specialists servicing Mining and the Oil and Gas Industry.

Oilfield Mechanical Services Ltd

Formed in 2014 to serve the international Oil and Gas industry, Oilfield Mechanical Services quickly found itself supporting associated Power Generation, Rig Pad Construction, Aviation Operations, Marine assets, Refining, Earthmoving and general Engineering associated with the industry. This led to the acquisition of two related Companies which were integrated within OMSL. Oilfield Mechanical Services as the lead Company now focusses solely on the international supply of mobile plant related technical services.

  • Earthmoving Machinery Specialists.
  • Extensive remote area & conflict zone experience.
  • Drill Rigs.
  • Crushers.
  • Hydraulics.
  • Service Crews.
  • Machine Rebuild Personnel.
  • Workshop Construction & Management.
  • Fleet Managment.
  • Maintenance Planning.
  • Lubrication Analysis and Implementation.
  • GET audits, refits and optimization.
  • Projects.
  • Mining.
  • Oil & Gas.

 International Maintenance Services:

A Maintenance Service Provider for any Industry which has Fixed Plant or Machinery.

International Maintenance Services Ltd

Acquired by Oilfield Mechanical Services in 2016, IMS provides New Zealand and International based maintenance services, specializing in Fixed Plant, Refining, Food, Dairy, Process Piping and General Engineering. Our team of Mechanical Fitters, Turners and Welders can assist manufacturers and businesses with quality general engineering services such as plant installation, machinery moves, commissioning and general site & factory maintenance. We also supply emergency breakdown, shift and holiday cover.

  • Shift and Holiday Cover.
  • Breakdown Services.
  • On Call Services.
  • Machine Rebuilds, Moves and General Maintenance.
  • Lubrication and Preventative Maintenance.
  • Modification of Existing Machinery.
  • Pipe Fabrication and Installation.
  • Machinery Design and Build.
  • Conveyor Specialists.
  • Custom Fabrication.
  • Welding Services.
  • Fitting and Turning.
  • Hydraulics, Steam and Pneumatics.
  • Plant Modification.
  • Shutdown Work.

 Diesel Generators New Zealand:

A Turnkey Supplier of Diesel & Gas Power Generation Solutions for all Industries and Sectors.

Diesel Generators New Zealand Ltd

Acquired and integrated with Oilfield Mechanical Services in 2015, DGNZ is an international supplier of reciprocating Diesel & Gas powered Generators which prides itself in providing tailored cost effective power generation solutions, regardless of size or location. DGNZ is more than just a Generator Company but rather a complete end to end power solution provider for applications which require proven, quality equipment with professional technical capability. Our core focus is achieving the best solutions for our clients. Diesel Generators New Zealand has built an enviable reputation through its guaranteed supply of quality equipment for government, mining, Oil, Gas, corporate, small and large business and private individuals. Click HERE to go directly to the DGNZ web site.

  • New & used Diesel Generators.
  • Generator Hire.
  • Transfer Switches.
  • UPS Equipment.
  • Switch Rooms, Switchboards, Cabling & Electrical.
  • Fuel Systems.
  • Exhausts & Sound Attenuation Systems.
  • Generator Installation, Removal, Service & Repair.
  • Maintenance Agreements & Site Management.
  • Control Systems & Governor Upgrades.
  • Fuel System Maintenance & Fuel Conditioning Services.
  • Power Generation related Project Management.
  • Contract Technical Staff for Power Generation & Trade.

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