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Exhaust Systems:

Experienced Suppliers & Installers:

Generator exhaust system must collect gases from engine cylinders and discharge them as quickly and silently as possible, while minimize back pressure which can cause horsepower loss and temperature increases that can shorten the engine's life.

Several factors impact the exhaust system performance. Building constraints, noise control, condensation, vibration, heat dissipation and building codes must be considered.

Heavy duty Pipe construction dampens vibration and resists corrosion from condensate. To minimize back pressure from bends in the exhaust system, OMSL utilize sweeping 90 degree bends with radii of at least one and one half times the pipe diameter with flexible connections to relieve exhaust system components of vibrational fatigue. These can also prevent vibration transmission throughout the installation and can accommodate misalignment problems.

Mufflers are installed as close to the engine as possible to offer best sound attenuation and minimize pipe vibration. Similar to piping, mufflers are installed at a slant and equipped with condensate drains.
Several grades of mufflers are available. Noise level varies by engine model, rating and the distance at which it is measured from the exhaust outlet. Working with the engine manufacturer data and the muffler performance data ensures adequate silencing for the application.

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