We are presently looking for qualified Caterpillar trained Senior Technicians and Technical Managers for a project in China.

Key Suppliers

International Maintenance Services 

Pagini Group

Diesel Generators New Zealand

International SOS


eXigency Consulting


StrongArm Logistics

 Genesis Engineering


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Fuel Conditioning:

Treat and Condition for Best Results:

  • Biocide treatments for old fuel - Diesel Fuel Biocide kills microbes in Diesel fuel. The dramatically reduced sulfur content in today's cleaner burning fuels has created ideal opportunities for microbes to grow in fuel Tanks. The first indication of microbial contamination is mucous-like accumulations on fuel Filters and increased requirements for fuel Filter replacement. The only way to get rid of microbial contamination is to kill the microbes with a biocide.
  • Fuel Filtration treatments for contaminated fuel - Separating suspended particles from Diesel fuel by flowing through a porous material in which the fluid can pass while the suspended particles are retained in the Filter material.
  • Fuel polishing treatments for very contaminated fuel - Removal of water, sediment, non-combustible particulate matter and microbial contamination below levels stated in ASTM D975 (Standard USA specification for diesel fuel oils) while resuspending combustible particulate matter to maintain ASTM standards for BTU value, lubricity, and cetane.

Portable Diesel Fuel Polisher

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