We are presently looking for qualified Caterpillar trained Senior Technicians and Technical Managers for a project in China.

Key Suppliers

International Maintenance Services 

Pagini Group

Diesel Generators New Zealand

International SOS


eXigency Consulting


StrongArm Logistics

 Genesis Engineering


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Labour Hire:

Contract, Casual or Permanent Technical Staff:

International Maintenance Services

International Maintenance Services can supply the following Technical Staff on a Casual, Contractual or Permanent Basis:.

  • Aircraft Engineers LAME/AME (Rotary & Fixed Wing).
  • Auto Electricians.
  • Certified Welders (3G, 4G, Carbon Steel etc).
  • Crane Mechanics.
  • Diesel Mechanics.
  • Drill Mechanics.
  • Earthmoving Mechanics.
  • Earthmoving Mechanics with Heli-ops experience. (Machinery teardown for transport purposes).
  • Electricians.
  • Fitters & Turners.
  • Hydraulic and Mechanical Fitters.
  • Maintenance Fitters.
  • Maintenance Managers/Superintendents/Supervisors.
  • Maintenance Planners.
  • Manufacturing Maintenance Fitters.
  • Millwrights.
  • Panelbeaters.
  • Pipeline Laying Specialists.
  • Power Generation specialists.
  • Refrigeration Technicians.
  • Rig Electricians.
  • Rig Mechanics.
  • Scaffolders.
  • Spraypainters.
  • Truck Mechanics.
  • Underground Mechanics.
  • Welders/Boilermakers.


  • Normal hours are between 6am and 6pm Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays.
  • Normal weekend hours are between 6am and 6pm Saturday and Sunday, excluding public holidays.
  • Normal night hours are between 6pm and 6am Monday to Sunday, excluding public holidays.
  • Public holidays are any days officially identified as such.
  • On Call is a standby fee billed on a per shift basis. Subsequent labour is billed per callout. This is an agreed rate between IMS and the client and is charged hourly thereafter. Associated travel will be charged at the hourly rate.
  • If travel is required, this and all accommodation and food will be billed to the client at the IMS standard rate.
  • If customer specific training is required, this and all accommodation and food will be billed to the client at the IMS standard rate.
  • All parts and consumables purchased by IMS wil be billed to the client. A handling fee will be charged.
  • Payments are due 20th of the Month following Invoice.
  • IMS contractors and staff are paid by IMS. Should a customer wish to engage an IMS contractor directly, a "finders fee" of NZ$ 15,000.00 will apply.
  • IMS will not be held responsible for any work or travel delays.
  • IMS staff will comply with all statuary and client OSH requirements.
  • All standard PPE will be supplied by IMS.
  • IMS will provide Public Liability Insurance.
  • All basic tooling will be supplied by IMS.
  • Termination by either party will be 30 Days and notified in writing.


  • All costs are for the contractor.
  • Contractors must have a valid GST number or be a registered Company, Sole Proprietor etc.
  • Hard Hat.
  • Overalls consisting of at least 50% high visibility colour. Suggest two pairs should you require to change mid shift. Overalls must be clean for food manufacturing environments. Some sites require reflective material.
  • High visibility Waistcoat.
  • Cold and wet weather clothing if required.
  • Shorts and a T-Shirt are recommended.
  • Safety Boots. Most Mines do not accept Plastic reinforced Toe Caps or safety Shoes.
  • Safety Glass, both clear and smoked.
  • Gloves, both disposable and non disposable.
  • Hearing protection.
  • Reliable transport.
  • Food and Water.
  • General Hand tools.
  • Appropriate Tickets and Licenses.
  • Trade papers may be required in some instances.
  • Contractor Invoices are paid 20th of the following Month.
  • Drug tests may be required.


  • Items as above.
  • Passport with at least 6 Months validity.
  • Clean Police Record.
  • Clean Medical assessment.
  • Some assignments require specific vaccinations.
  • Work travel insurance.
  • Drug tests may be required.

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