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UPS Equipment:

Guaranteed Power Availability.

Correct UPS system design is critical to ensure that the power continuity requirements for your ICT equipment are met by the selected UPS system. Failure to match the solution to the requirements will either mean an unacceptable level of ICT outages due to power events, or alternatively excessive expenditure on high cost solutions which are not required.

UPS system design requires a number of critical factors to be taken into account right throughout the process. These include present and future capacity requirements, system reliability/redundancy, power distribution, position location, safety, battery type, etc.

A well designed and maintained UPS system ensures a reliable, efficient and cost-effective solution for powering your ICT equipment. Conversely, errors and oversights during the design and implementation stages can lead to costly and ineffective project outcomes.

We offer the full range of UPS equipment from APC and an Emerson Network, from 350VA desktop units to +400kVA systems for large datacentre applications.

Comprehensive pre-sales and post-sales support is available from our power and software specialists for all hardware and software aspects of the UPS system.

Once your specific site needs have been discussed we submit a proposal covering various options and configurations for your consideration. Equipment is typically specified in terms of 'Best Cost', 'Best Value' and 'Best Performance' options. This enables you to make a commercial decision based on the level of protection you require and the associated costs.

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